“I Love ‘The Flesh Sutra’!” ………………………….. Nancy Holder, award-winning horror author

12 12 2015

My debut novel was on the preliminary ballot for the 2015 Stoker Awards.

“In this excellent novel, the writing is crisp, the characters sharply drawn, the plot engrossing; as a result, this tightly written and propulsive narrative addresses postmodern angst about humanity and spirituality in the context of body horror and psychosexual transcendence with literary flair and at times deeply disturbing imagery.”
— Jason V Brock

“The Flesh Sutra is unique and utterly absorbing.  Can’t wait to read more from this author!” — Hildy Silverman, Editor of “Space and Time” Magazine

“This is a beautiful, precision time piece of unease and tension and Tim winds it all the way up, smiling at you as he does so.”
— Alasdair Stuart, Host of http://www.pseudopod.org, the weekly horror fiction podcast

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Horror Writers: The Next Great Horror Writer Contest! Why Not Enter?

15 01 2017

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Winchester House, Man!

14 01 2017

Okay, Okay, how many times have we seen this destination and thought, blah whatever? Yes, I know. So, a little more than a decade ago, when I was still young I went to the mansion. I boarded a flight to California and stayed there for a week. I visited a lot of fun places but […]

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Writers: Austerity Message From Scarfolk

13 01 2017


Writers: Have You Used Scrivener?

12 01 2017

Scrivener is a program designed to help writers organize and draft their projects. It works for screenplays and prose, fiction or non-fiction. At first I had turned my nose up at it. Drafting in Word and Excel worked just fine for me. What I discovered with my current novel is that Scrivener is like having Word documents accessible through an Excel spreadsheet. The program organizes it in several user-friendly methods like a spreadsheet, a flowchart, or a corkboard. The templates prompt for descriptions of characters, culture, and locations. For me, it’s good that it automatically backs up my work every few minutes. It costs a little but I have to admit I’ve saved some aggravation moving scenes around from one chapter to another and by not having to open additional files for backstory.

I’ll keep you posted about Scrivener. So far, it’s been worth the money.

Horror Prompt: Describe The Sound

11 01 2017

Here is the new prototype autonomous drones from the US Air Force. It processes data collectively like a flock of birds. Would anyone be at the switch in case the flock made a bad decision?

What would you call the sound this flock makes? How loud would it get before the flock shredded the flesh from your bones?

“A sound carried on the wind, faint and thin. A mosquito whine somehow loud enough to echo from the canyon wall. The whine grew louder. An ululation, the sound that the Muslim women used to make when mourning. Louder. The sound had no tongue or breath. Just an open mouth endlessly screaming. Open to bite and rend flesh. The blue sky at the end of the canyon swirled as if his eyes had filled with swimmers darting in his vitreous humor. The swimmers grew. Converged into a swaying, screaming flock of drones, wings stiff and deadly like ghoulish falcons.”

How would you describe the sound?

Updates! Advice! Rants on Alt-Right!

10 01 2017

My novel is up to 37K and needs more umph. It’s tough to top Chapter Two of The Flesh Sutra when the stage magician is turned into a worm-man eating his own mother’s corpse. Whither the grotesques of yesteryear?

What this novel do gots: self-crotch-immolation, two forms of eternal soul torment, a living mummy, possession, Demon In A Drum, a gory crushing by a pile of jagged scrap wood, and a death by gunshot.

So it do gots some ewww.

What’s with my odd language? English is a laboratory and I’ve been taken by whims. Adapt!

Advice! I’ve mentioned before about character arcs, and that all the characters and even your setting should be changed by the end of your tale. The more mature and accepted transformation is all become “sadder but wiser”, usually to the tune of “September” from the Fantastiks. My preferred method seems to be horrified realization, because I’m an anxious man who drinks way too much caffeine.

For greater emotional impact, have arcs occur in combination with each other. Scarlett O’Hara’s fortunes follow that of Georgia, from defeat to econmic vitality. “The Silence of the Lambs” would have been dull if Clarice’s life had been endangered, then some hours later she cracked the case and saved the hostage. Sports novels and movies are reaaaally good at bringing dramatic arcs together for greater impact; try both the movie and novel for “The Natural” (be warned, the endings are very different).

Talking about character arcs, I waste yuuuuuuge amounts of time on Alt-Right blogs SWIDT? Some pieces of their agenda are agareeable in that they believe we live in an oligarchical surveillance state (we do). I’ve been reading them for three reasons: my temperment is comfortable in a state of dismay; I am jealous of their confidence; and watching them is a big soap opera.

I will not mention the specific sites, but fans will know them by content. Currently, the well-meaning-yet-hard-case Catholic writer is realizing the burgeoning media mogul is now far less Christian than Machivellian, if one remembers that M’ism includes using your friends as tools and then moving on.

I was reading the mogul back when he was a mere gadfly against well-heeled SF authors (another thing I agree with him, in that some popular writers are overrrated).

I could go on and on, but this already occupies far more of my RAM than I’d prefer.

If you take away anything from this post it is this: life is filled with drama but writers should choreograph that drama to greatest impact.

I Seep Toward My Petri Dish: An Update and Story Prompts

5 01 2017

Almost 150 people are following my posts through WordPress. Various others drop by thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and links from where I have published.

Thank you, all of you, for your attention.

I’ve been struggling to figure out what I can do to be worthy of that attention. I can give writing advice, but I keep finding links to other writers that say what I was going to say anyway.




Like this Feelings Wheel. They seem popular, so I’ll keep doing that.

Most of you like strange but true stuff and story prompts.


Like this one where Slime Mold Solves Problems. Read this! It’s so cool! So yeah, I’ll keep doing those.

I’m 35K into a sequel to my Stoker Jury Recommended novel “The Flesh Sutra”.


Have you read this? Professional writers agree “The Flesh Sutra” is cool.

The working title is “The Flesh Frequency” and it is set in 1971 San Fransisco. It’s not going to be as body horror as TFS, but I’ve got some frightful stuff happening in the Carruthers House as some paranormal investigators go in to figure out strange goings on.
I’m trying to pull a little slight of hand that I saw done in the haunted house movie “Session Nine” (have you seen it? It’s creeeepy!). In the meantime, happy little ideas have allowed me to vent on things I liked about the era, like the music was pretty boss; and about things I do not like, like the predatory sexuality, drug abuse, and the sun-blinded optimism of the times. The Breendoggle makes an appearance. Look that up and get skeeved.

Also, I am working with my publisher Noble Fusion Press to better promote our quality works from our award-winning, attractive authors.

So here I am, my own little slime mold intuiting my way to the petri dish of agar, which for me would be my own quiet apartment in a metropolitan area and a healthy relationship, hoping this year brings you plenty of sugar and other genotypes with which to fuse.

That was forced, yes, but I have to keep an edge.

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