“The Flesh Sutra” NobleFusion Press  Nominee on Preliminary Ballot for The Bram Stoker Awards 2014


Enter The Rebirth – An Anthology from TANSTAAFL Press, “Diesel Dead”  2018.  Science Fantasy Horror

For Mortal Things Unsung—A Horror Anthology from Pseudopod, March 2017. “The Voyage and The Ship”   Gaslight Horror

DarkFuse #3, “To Get Past It” Crime Noir

Pseudopod, Issue 373, February 16, 2014. “The Metal and Its Mold” Gaslight Horror

LORE, Issue 2.5, Spring 2013. “The Goblin and The Pelican”  Gaslight Horror

Miscellanea: the Transdimensional Library, March 21, 2013. “Practical Advice”   Dark Fantasy

Stupefying Stories, Mid-October 2012. “The Flint Indenture”   Dark Fantasy

Space and Time Magazine, Issue 117, Fall 2012. “Flim-Flamming The Haints”  Alternative History Fantasy

SNM Horror Magazine, May 2012. “Shadows Under The Skin”  Horror

Pseudopod, Trio Of Terror Promo, December 10, 2011. “Nourished By Dust, We Believe The Glamor”   Gaslight Horror

“Tattered Souls 2” Anthology published by Cutting Block Press, Spring 2011.  “Yellow Called And Mom Was There” Horror   (A nice review of the anthology and my story)

Pseudopod, Issue 234, June 17, 2011.  “I.C.U.”   Bleak

Space and Time Magazine, Issue 110, Spring 2010. “The Tortoiseshell Cat In The Dark Box”  Dark Humor Fantasy         (A lovely review of this story in Tangent Online)

Pseudopod, Issue 198, July 11, 2010. “The Mother And The Worm”   Gaslight Horror

The Town Drunk, February 2009. “The God Of Laundry”  Fantasy Humor

Pseudopod, Issue 127, January 30, 2009. “The Garden And The Mirror”   Gaslight Horror

A Fly In Amber, May 2008. “An Heroic Tale In An Enormous Tomb”  Dark Humor Fantasy

AtomJack, Issue 12, November 2008. “Lampreyhead Versus The Flying Saucers Of Hell”   Fantasy Humor

The Town Drunk, March 2008. “Lampreyhead Meets The Vampire Slaughterers”   Fantasy Humor

Weird Tales, Issue 333, September/October 2003. “Two Shows Daily” (called “notable” by Ellen Datlow in “The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Seventeenth Edition”)   Gaslight Horror

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