What I’ve Done and What I’m About To Do

31 12 2013

I submitted 55 times in 2013 and had three stories accepted.
I edited “Death Is Only Skin Deep” for NobleFusion, and through that learned things about promotion: getting a review on Amazon is challenging, blogs will request hard-copies due to the huge number of epubs being submitted, etc.
My novel “The Flesh Sutra” was also accepted by NobleFusion Press and will be coming out in February.
The first novel I wrote, a dark-humored fantasy fiction, is being looked at by my editor-friends with an eye toward publication by NobleFusion.
On the personal side, a little dating, some improv comedy, getting along with housemates, and working at a Big Box retail store have all been eye-opening and beneficial.

My 50th Birthday Party was one of the top five events of my life.

So, this year will be about “The Flesh Sutra”, maybe about the fantasy novel, getting more stories out,

Currently, I’m reading “Hyperion” by Dan Simmons and the new Joe R. Lansdale collection.

In music, this was the year of Charlotte Gainsbourg. But here’s some animation for The Frogs:


Here’s My Novel’s Cover…

29 12 2013

Light Text - High Resolution

Isn’t this boss? I knew working with Barbara Hill as publisher was a smart idea!

Coming out in hardcover and epub in late February.

I’ve renewed my old tradition of recaptioning Xmas cards for my friends:

10 12 2013

I'm doing this as cosplay.

“The genetic experimentation mixing fleas with glowing jellyfish went a little too well.”
“And no one ever guessed how Thomas Kinkaide smuggled three kilos of cocaine into the U.S…”
“Happy Holidays from Fukishima!”
“This glitter
comes off on everything! Run! Save yourselves!”
“The lights! The lights are singing to us! It’s too late for us at the door! Save yourselves!”


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