World Fantasy Con in Kansas City Pt. 1

29 10 2023

I arrived days early with an agenda…..

Oh yeah, and I learned stuff. More to come!

Sarcastic Writing Advice I’m Going To Use

23 10 2023

NEW BOOK! Launching at World Fantasy Con!

18 10 2023

Follow the escapades of The Mad Earl Fazgood in this rollicking tale based on the should-be-true adventures of a delightfully bizarre nobleman run rampant.  

All seems straight-forward enough when Fazgood and his compatriots sail in search of his much beloved but ever-elusive moosecrab stew, despite everyone, everywhere wanting him dead for no good reason at all.  Sailing from port to port doesn’t seem to evade his executioners so Fazgood goes to the capital of the Kingdom, despite being an exile, hoping for at least one bowl of moosecrab stew before he must surely face his doom. 

Instead of moosecrab, however, Fazgood and his outrageous companions find corruption, deception, and an ancient talisman that could easily dissolve the very Kingdom he hates to love.

Fazgood finds himself conniving the highest ranks of society into helping him solve the problem of his imminent demise or, for that matter, the Kingdom’s.  And he does what any good hero would do: he crafts a plan so cunning, so secret, even he cannot fathom it.

Join the Mad Earl and his compatriots as they traverse a Kingdom filled with peaceful, god-ruled citizenry ranging from carnivorous plants to sorcerous gas bubbles.

Will he save the Kingdom that set him on his felonious life or will he let the Kingdom be digested?

And will he ever get his god-poxied moosecrab?

Do you like “Our Flag Means Death”? The absurdity of Terry Gilliam?

About 45 years in the making! All yours for Halloween!

Raves For Me!

12 10 2023

Here is an ARC reader reviewing “Saints of Flesh” on Goodreads!

and here is a fan comment on BlueSky!

Emotion Wheel

5 10 2023

“The End Of Chapter Two Made Me Scream”

1 10 2023

Hello Burkers,

Smother anyone lately?

“Saints of Flesh” has launched, adding to the story of Olivia Cormier Spalding and to the shelves of readily available work by Yours Truly. “The Flesh Sutra” is available, giving you the origin story of Olivia and Alecsi. It also provided the title quote, from my co-worker at my day job. I’m surrounded by horror fans at my job; such a cheery place, who would have guessed?

Yesterday, I attended CapClave in Rockville, Maryland. Old friends attended, including Dr. Lawrence Schoen whose cancers are in remission. It was such a relief to see him better. This was my second convention attended while in “business mode”, and again I put out some postcards, and again I did not have a plan or goals. It’s best to have a plan (Meet so-and-so, ask editors if they have upcoming projects), but I’m being patient with myself as I learn. Only my second convention, after all.

Meanwhile, I look forward to World Fantasy Con in Kansas City at the end of October. My next book “Fazgood and the Obstreperous Moosecrab Caper” launches there, and I’ll have plenty of support from friends and publisher.

This fantasy book “Fazgood etc” is pretty zany compared to my other books. Keep in mind that my aesthetic sense is based on ’70s humor, including “Monty Python”. So mutations and silly walks have a similar basis for me.

Jordan Peele recently said that the difference between horror and humor is the soundtrack, and generally, yes, I agree. There are many examples where the statement is stretching past the breaking point, but hey, that’s Rhetoric.

Now. What am I working on? I’ve got a couple of short stories in front of beta readers. Just got a rejection from Pseudopod, but no biggee, that story is off to Bourbon Penn. I’m playing around with more Olivia, have a surrealist novel idea, and am just appreciating my life. I’m figuring out how to afford a new vehicle (Toyota RAV4?).

Recently went with my oldest friend to see The Psychedelic Furs and Squeeze at the Philadelphia Met. I know their hits, but had no idea Squeeze had four musicians on string and two percussionists. Both bands were great, but Squeeze made my jaw drop.