Final Book Trailer for “Saints Of Flesh” (w/captions)

18 07 2023

Cover Art For “Flesh” Sequel AND I Need Your Help With Its Book Trailer

14 07 2023

Releasing this September! The horror comes to the present day!

I made a book trailer.

PLEASE GIVE ADVICE! Did this confuse you? Did it grab you? Did you understand I was reading for a character, or should I caption “read by the author” early on?

Check in soon and see my new Merch page. You’ll be able to buy books, t-shirts, posters, and new designs!

NEW VIDEO: The Land Of Mystery

12 03 2020


27 02 2020

Could you give it a thumbs up? It would boost my confidence.


I’m Back! With My New Video Series!

13 02 2020

I’m still doing horror, but I really missed comedy stuff.


Writers: Your Weird Obsession Will Become Fodder For Future Grad Student Thesis

8 04 2017

“…it’s what happens in the United States when a truly radical ideology takes over.” This is George Romero’s answer to the question of what his film Night of the Living Dead is about. To me, this is a most thoughtful and complete assessment, and perhaps what explains the movie’s enduring success. Of course, on […]

via The Importance of Theme in Horror… and Zombies… and Dogshit — S.E. Casey Author

It’s Like Ken Nordine Wrote For “Night Gallery”

12 03 2017

Writers: House Cat vs. Giant Insect!

27 02 2017

This Is BOSS! Short movie: “Anthophobia”

16 09 2015

Are You Writing For Children? Are You Sure You Don’t Want To Kill Them?

14 06 2015

Funny and nerdly insightful about reading subtext. DO NOT MAKE THESE MISTAKES UNLESS YOU MEAN THEM.

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