How Deep A Horror Movie Can Go

27 10 2016

I would like to do something like this in a story or a video, but how? It takes “meta” in a whole different direction.

Touch Dakota Fanning’s hotter sister for more.


If You’ve Ever Worked The Service Industry, Read This!

20 10 2016

I have worked in a movie theater and now work in retail, and this horror tale from “Nightmare” creeped me out.

Look At The Nudibranches For They Are Horrifically Gorgeous!

20 10 2016

This is an animal who wants to eat! Click on it!


From The Director of “Audition”, The Most Amazing Movie Idea Of The Year

18 10 2016

Music to Make Horror Movies By: Scream Queens — Big Gay Horror Fan

16 10 2016

It may have been tough for Regina, a perky ‘80s pop wonder, when her vocal style was called out for being too reminiscent of Madonna’s. The talented songstress had already fronted a popular New Wave band and had her lyrics covered by other established artists. But, this last week, Baby Love, her most notable song, […]

via Music to Make Horror Movies By: Scream Queens — Big Gay Horror Fan

Common Things That’ll Kill You Or Maybe Inspire A Horror Story

9 10 2016

Touch the cold buffet for more.




They Should Know. They Are Famous Authors.

6 10 2016


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