How thinking about mortality can lead to a good life

21 04 2012

How thinking about death can lead to a good life.

Total 3200 words for the weekend. Here’s how many dead…

8 04 2012

Chapter One: a man grows himself from the brain tumor of his lover’s husband, and births from his skull.
Two: A magician is transformed into a worm feeding from his own mother’s corpse.
Three: A woman surrenders her mortal life eagerly to an eternal fantasy.
Four: A politician’s body shatters under the demands of looking like a leader to all people.

A new 1000 words on “Olivia and Alecsandri”

6 04 2012

My goal is 5000 words by Monday.
Currently approx. 11K words of 90K needed.

See my story at SNM Horror Magazine!

2 04 2012

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