Fazgood Is Business and Business Is Booming!

1 12 2023

Multiple-Nom Author Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen…

His readers are reading…

Hildy Silverman, author and editor…

Why wait for others to tell you, when you could be doing the bragging?

Let Fazgood steal his way into your heart this holiday! Let him in and then he’ll leave you, as he always leaves: with the locale literally ablaze!

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2 11 2023

An epic thief enters middle-age mad, bad, and dangerously neurotic. After a life of offending entire civilizations, that thief Fazgood smuggles himself and compatriots back into his home city…the city that Wants Him Dead. Once smuggled, he uncovers an earth-shattering secret, multiple traitor-ings, a new type of magic and more, all toward his goal: a home-cooked meal. Or did Fazgood send himself on a mission so secret that he himself doesn’t know the mission exists? To quote: “That is the sort of thing I would do, the bastard.”

Unorthodox plotline with a major twist! Death-defying, absurd heroism! Sensuous massages! Villains villains villains! A narrative voice that will make you say “does that word exist? and if not, it should!”

Meet Fazgood! His brilliant familiar Warren the weasel! Fazgood’s entourage: the panplasmic Calzjha!

Can Fazgood win the day? Can he defeat the villains and save the kingdom that Wants Him Dead? Will he get his fluxion-damned meal?

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