Raves For Me!

12 10 2023

Here is an ARC reader reviewing “Saints of Flesh” on Goodreads!

and here is a fan comment on BlueSky!

The Saints Are Here. Reality Will Never Be The Same.

19 09 2023

Olivia sat waiting fifty years for her daemon lover to return. When someone, somehow, steals her way to find him, she possesses a desperate woman as a catspaw. Their revolting discoveries change reality.

Available NOW on Kindle and in paperback! The sequel to the lauded novel “The Flesh Sutra”.

Amazon.com: Saints of Flesh: The Flesh Sutra Sequel eBook : Burke, Tim: Kindle Store

Today, Celebrate The Saints Of Flesh

19 09 2023

An undead sorceress in San Francisco needs her daemon lover. But some fool stole her only way to find him. To find him, she possesses a cancer patient. What they find is a new hell within….

Amazon.com: Saints of Flesh: The Flesh Sutra Sequel eBook : Burke, Tim: Kindle Store

Tomorrow, The Tumors Decide If You Have Ever Existed

17 09 2023

Gothic Body Horror meets Weird Fiction.

She wants him back. Someone stole her way to find him. Would *they* allow her to exist?

Amazon.com: Saints of Flesh: The Flesh Sutra Sequel eBook : Burke, Tim: Kindle Store

Will YOU Still Exist?

17 09 2023

Two days until Saints of Flesh!

The tumors awake and will create a new age.

Will *you* still exist?

Amazon.com: Saints of Flesh: The Flesh Sutra Sequel eBook : Burke, Tim: Kindle Store

New Book Launch! “Saints of Flesh” Pre-Order Link!

7 09 2023

The sequel to “The Flesh Sutra” launches on September 19. This standalone novel follows Olivia Cormier Spalding on a quest for lost love and stolen keepsakes. It is a Gothic Body Horror with a frisson of The Weird. Ebooks can be pre-ordered at Amazon. Paperback available September 19.

Amazon.com: Saints of Flesh: The Flesh Sutra Sequel eBook : Burke, Tim: Kindle Store

If you need to indulge in this gruesome, beautiful world, the Stoker long-listed “The Flesh Sutra” awaits. Ebook or Paperback.

Amazon.com: The Flesh Sutra eBook : Burke, Tim W.: Kindle Store

New FIVE STAR Review For “The Flesh Sutra”

3 08 2023

At Amazon, Miriam declares:

There’s never a predictable move in this fever-dream of paranormal horror. The Flesh Sutra’s pair of lovers are not afraid to sacrifice their humanity on the altar of their love. Alecsi’s monstrosity is a living, suppurating embodiment of his cruel and selfish actions. Karma awaits them both in the form of vengeful demons and humans. Will they learn to renounce the dark path they’ve set out on? The story pulled me forward from twist to twist.


See for yourself FREE with Kindle Unlimited, $2.99 for Kindle, or $9.99 for paperback!

Amazon.com: The Flesh Sutra eBook : Burke, Tim W.: Kindle Store

Final Book Trailer for “Saints Of Flesh” (w/captions)

18 07 2023

Social Media To Help Book Sales, As Of Today

12 05 2023
people looking at books
Changing the cover of “Puke Slugs of Planet Feculon” increased sales, but at what cost to credability?Photo by Dario Fernandez Ruz on Pexels.com

My publisher Noble Fusion Press works with professional marketers. Recently, the podcast Rit Gud with Racquel M. Benedict discussed effective strategies with author and marketer Megen Cubed. My publisher and the podcast agreed in what social media performs best in book sales and community building.

First, some general advice. “Common wisdom” for selling to SF, fantasy, and horror changes over time. This advice is different than the advice you would have seen even a few years ago. The advice will be different in a few years. The advice will be different for each genre, yes, but there apparently is overlap.

For example, a few years ago there were people making a living by gaming the algorithms of Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter. Now?

DO NOT BOTHER. These sites change their rules too frequently. It used to be that fifty Amazon reviews got your book onto their “Recommended For You”. Now? No one seems to know.

Ads? DO NOT BOTHER. Facebook ads are too poorly placed. Blocking Twitter ads are an official hobby. Amazon return of investment is too low unless you’re already selling well.

The common wisdom in this year is to test sites like Book Bub. Be methodical in seeing if each site increases your sales. Channel all communications toward building your mailing list.

Dozens of Readers Braving “The Flesh Sutra”

2 05 2023

I’m still trying to establish a work rhythm, and I’m sorry this update is late. But sales of “The Flesh Sutra” had ranked it in the 800’s in Amazon’s Horror Fiction sales. It’s back down again, but we’re establishing a small business here, and business has ebbs and flows. What else is going on?

A wonderful artist and friend Rachael Mayo is working on a yantra appropriate for Alecsi and Olivia’s mysticism. She loves making dragons, but I chose her because her eye for color is so startling and innovative. Look at this color work!

If anyone could make the disturbing, compelling, soul-straining yantras, it’s Rachael. Check out her tumblr just to wake up your eyes.

What else? I’m editing two videos; one for the reading salon Galactic Philadelphia (I’ve edited all their videos), the other is the aforementioned interview with Sally Weiner Grotta.

I use Final Cut Pro on a Macbook Pro, but lately Final Cut is proving to be a lot more than I need. I’m test driving ClipChamp off of Windows 11, and I’ll let you know how that works out.

My new job is doing very well. I work at a supermarket for more than I was making after nine years at a big box tech store. The scheduling is more flexible so the conventions I need to do will not interfere. Stocking shelves and lifting grocery bags make me buff. My coworkers are my age or younger, and their good nature and ambitions remind me the future is in good hands.

Still figuring out how to make best use of TikTok and Twitter. I’ve bought books based on posts. The trick is to come up with promotions that are both effective and comfortable.