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24 02 2022

Turn Your Fandom Into Cash: A Geeky Guide to Turn Your Passion Into a Business (or at least a Side Hustle)

Carol has been a friend for decades. She writes reviews for Fandom and is an Grade A Number 1 Nerd. I’m buying this book because I know there will be fun, useful advice.

I’ll See Someone (You?) At PhilCon!

15 11 2014

On Friday (my only day allowed from my Big Box job), I will be at three panels and a friend’s booklaunch at PhilCon: Philadelphia’s Science Fiction Convention. It’s the oldest running con in the US.

I Met These Great People At PhilCon

10 11 2013

Tom Purdom at
Tom Doyle at
Steve Miller and Sharon Lee at
Jim Freund from “Hour of the Wolf”
Jay Smith at
Pam Spinks Smith
Muriel Hykes at
Keith DeCandido at
Edward Carmien of Mercer County (NJ) College
Neil Clarke of
Sally Wiener Grotta at
Ken Altabef
Anatoly Belivovsky at

Coming up with ideas to improve PhilCon outreach to younger fans.
Accomplished authors Tom Purdom and Ken Altabef saying I’m doing right by working part-time so I can write.
Doing well on the panels. The attendees were all great.

In my experience, PhilCon went without a hitch. A number of ideas came from the “It’s Our Lawn Too” panel:
Bringing in more media tie-in and YA authors
Skyped guests
More panels about podcasts, epublishing, and electronic media
Resuming LARPs
Story readings for kids
More panels critiquing writing and art from attendees (I would be glad to run one)

How I’m Preparing For PhilCon

6 11 2013

As you’ve seen from the previous post, I am moderating a couple of panels on Saturday.
Maybe you know me personally, maybe not. Either way, you should know that I think that if someone pays money to attend a con and go to a panel, then dammit, the panel should stay on topic.
I can’t count how many times I’ve paid for a con and gone to be informed, only to discover an 800 Pound Gorilla of a Grand Old Writer talking about what snacks were served at PhilCon 3 back in 19 whatever.
Money is tight with fans. They should get their money’s worth.
So I:
1) contact the other panelists ahead of time
2) and propose questions around which to structure the discussion.
3) I gladly accept ideas and other approaches to the subject matter.
4) I go online or read material to become acquainted with the topics.
5) On the day of the panel, I take deep breaths and keep caffeine to a minimum
6) and tell the audience to phrase their responses in the form of a question to keep pontification to a minimum.
An hour goes very quickly. We should all make the most of it.

My PhilCon Schedule

31 10 2013

This next weekend (Nov. 8 – 10) is PhilCon and I will be participating in these panels:

Sat 1:00 PM in Plaza V (Five) (1 hour)
[Panelists: Tom Purdom (mod), Neil Clarke, Sally Wiener Grotta, Tim
W. Burke, Ken Altabef]

What new venues of short fiction have emerged recently? What
markets have grown better or worse in terms of pay rates, response
and general pleasantness to deal with

Sat 4:00 PM in Plaza II (Two) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Tim W. Burke (mod), Edward Carmien, Tom Doyle, Jim
Freund, Steve Miller]

Taking another look at Harlan Ellison’s ground breaking anthology.
Did this change the field forever? Or is it overrated

Sat 9:00 PM in Plaza V (Five) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Tim W. Burke (mod), Muriel Hykes, Jay Smith, Pam Smith]

Defeating ageism in fandom. We’ll look at it from both sides… both
ageism against the older fan, as well as ageism against younger fans
as well

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