How I’m Preparing For PhilCon

6 11 2013

As you’ve seen from the previous post, I am moderating a couple of panels on Saturday.
Maybe you know me personally, maybe not. Either way, you should know that I think that if someone pays money to attend a con and go to a panel, then dammit, the panel should stay on topic.
I can’t count how many times I’ve paid for a con and gone to be informed, only to discover an 800 Pound Gorilla of a Grand Old Writer talking about what snacks were served at PhilCon 3 back in 19 whatever.
Money is tight with fans. They should get their money’s worth.
So I:
1) contact the other panelists ahead of time
2) and propose questions around which to structure the discussion.
3) I gladly accept ideas and other approaches to the subject matter.
4) I go online or read material to become acquainted with the topics.
5) On the day of the panel, I take deep breaths and keep caffeine to a minimum
6) and tell the audience to phrase their responses in the form of a question to keep pontification to a minimum.
An hour goes very quickly. We should all make the most of it.



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