I Met These Great People At PhilCon

10 11 2013

Tom Purdom at http://www.philart.net/tompurdom/
Tom Doyle at http://mysite.verizon.net/vzexlq38/tomdoyle/
Steve Miller and Sharon Lee at http://korval.com/
Jim Freund from “Hour of the Wolf” http://hourwolf.com/toc.html
Jay Smith at http://zebrapix.wix.com/hg-world-entry
Pam Spinks Smith
Muriel Hykes at https://www.facebook.com/murielhykes
Keith DeCandido at http://www.sff.net/people/krad//
Edward Carmien of Mercer County (NJ) College
Neil Clarke of clarkesworld.com
Sally Wiener Grotta at http://www.grotta.net/
Ken Altabef
Anatoly Belivovsky at http://belilovsky.com/

Coming up with ideas to improve PhilCon outreach to younger fans.
Accomplished authors Tom Purdom and Ken Altabef saying I’m doing right by working part-time so I can write.
Doing well on the panels. The attendees were all great.

In my experience, PhilCon went without a hitch. A number of ideas came from the “It’s Our Lawn Too” panel:
Bringing in more media tie-in and YA authors
Skyped guests
More panels about podcasts, epublishing, and electronic media
Resuming LARPs
Story readings for kids
More panels critiquing writing and art from attendees (I would be glad to run one)



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