Writers: Advice To Clean Out Writers Block

8 08 2023

Just discovered Big Think, which has lots of encouraging advice.

For example, here’s the editor of The Onion being interviewed about his process. How does he approach a blank page first thing in the morning:

One way around that is this beautiful exercise called “morning pages.” You set an alarm clock for 30 minutes, and you just type or write. Don’t stop to correct anything. Don’t stop to make it good. Just plow ahead. Write about anything while trying not to repeat yourself. This primes the pump and gets the gunk out. 

It’s fun, and there’s no harm in it. Nobody is ever going to see these morning pages. You can delete them as soon as you finish, or if you find some gold, you can save it somewhere. But after two or three days of doing that, good luck stopping me from sitting down and writing a rough draft.

– Scott Dikkers, The Onion

“‘The Onion’ founder explains his strategy for sparking creativity”



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