World Fantasy Convention Pt 3: “Hybrid Publishing” and “The State of the Industry”

7 11 2023

This is another summary of panels at World Fantasy 2023.

“The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid/Self-Trad Publishing” with Ginni Koch and Summer Hanford:

Ginni Koch: Go to Absolutewrite forums “Water Cooler”. I learned everything from these forums.

Summer Hanford: Pen names allow for greater flexibility in genre and voice. Reader expectations can limit an author from growing or trying different genres.

GK: Traditional publishing provides more professional, experienced resources paid by others, plus an established distribution network. Book stores still matter!

SH: Do seven months prep before self-publishing; cover, promotions, a mailing list, ARCs.

GK: Hire an editor to edit your damn book!

GK: If you have a traditional agent for your publishers, whenever you self-publish, give 5% to your agent. It will keep your agent invested in your progress.

“State of the Industry” with a representative from Knight Literary Agency:

“Publishers are looking for feel different, look different, and sound different. Translations are very popular now for that reason. If you want to get away from Amazon’s pay scales, try for audiobooks and”



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