How Alan Moore Finds The Emotional Core

22 06 2023

“He gives the example of being disturbed by tv news footage of a starving child (this was the ’80s, so it was the Live Aid era). And going through a process of asking: why does that disturb me? No really, why does that disturb me? No really, why does that disturb me?

He ends up coming to the conclusion that if he allows the honest and ugly truth, the fact that there’s someone out there whose life is just misery and pain implies that there’s no meaning to the universe and therefore no meaning to his, Alan Moore’s, existence. If you’ve read Watchmen you can see that became the emotional core of the Rorschach-in-prison chapter, the one that ends “We are alone. There is nothing else.”

For the life of me, I can’t find where I found this quote. But it seems to be where my own writing is leading.



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