Got jammed up this week and didn’t get

8 09 2012

Got jammed up this week and didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted.

Monday and Tuesday had me wrestling out the direction and arc for Chapter Eight. Wednesday had me finding the shape of the short story arc for that chapter; “arcs” are what I call “werre are the characters at the begging and the end, and how do they transform”. Wednesday got me a thousand words as the events unfolded as needed. Thursday found me a bit player (who was going to be a throwaway demonstration of Olivia’s abilities), who on Friday became The Victim For This Chapter. I’m going to try for something I saw in the movie “Session 9”, in which the characters see just see their own sequence of strange events, but the objective reader will see the total picture and hopefully have a nice bit of dread.

Friday had me scraping my 401k and mutual fund under one financial consultant.

The job I’ve applied for is still posted, so that’s still up in the air (the job doesn’t start until January).

Another mouse woke me up Thursday at 3 am, but like two of its predecessors, it was nice enough to have climbed into a trashcan. So I just took out the trash, leaving the bag open for it to climb out in the dumpster.

My brother had suggested many times that, seeing as I have little overhead, maybe I should get a part-time job and continue the creative life I now lead. I asked him, “Are you sure we are related?” Because that was unimaginable to the rest of my family. I wonder what things would have been like had I done that in my 20s. Now almost 50, so the option is tempting.

Saw “The Devil’s Double” – meh.
“Cosmopolis” – neat structure, Robert Patterson can act when he has a good director and co-stars.
“V/H/S” – a low budget, well-promoted horror anthology; written by guys in their early 20s, so women are the source of all things frightening.
Online TV seres: “The Booth In The Back” – a guy answers peoples’ wishes by having them do something against their morals. The action never leaves a diner booth. Gutsy choice! It gives the very good actors the chance to explore the very good writing.



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