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The Flesh Sutra

Made The Preliminary Ballot for the 2015 Stoker Awards, Best Novel
“Seeds of body horror and jealousy, avarice and desperation all wrapped in fin de siecle city life and the trappings of the Spiritualist movement. This is a beautiful, precision time piece of unease and tension and Tim winds it all the way up, smiling at you as he does so.”
— Alasdair Stuart, Host of, the weekly horror fiction podcast

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Flesh Is Only Skin Deep

Stories by Sherri Dean, Allison Stein, and Tim W. Burke

Through Death comes new Life. But Death takes shortcuts…
Discover the most macabre ways to new life in these three chilling gas-lit tales, presented in the tradition of the Grand Guinol.
A mystic’s love compels a ghastly reincarnation between “The Garden and The Mirror.”
A widow longs to escape war and covers an unspeakable crime with her special “Sausage and Biscuits.”
A child hungers for love, warm and fulfilling, bite by bite, in “Little Zombie Lulu.”
These tales guide you through the darkness of the heart to a bright light that reveals hope turned feral.
Sometimes, the path of good intentions leads through the abattoir.
Death Is Only Skin Deep.



Tattered Souls 2

Featuring stories from Forrest Aguirre, Tim W. Burke, Stephanie Shaw, Elias Siqueros, Kathleen Dale, Melanie Fogel, Anne Michaud, and Steve Ruthenbeck,

Exploring the fundamentals that make up both the horror and literary genres, editor Frank J. Hutton delves into the very core of humanity and fear. Within these eight disturbing tales, we explore what makes the human soul tick, and what makes that part of us digress. Tattered Souls 2 will move you to new places…some that will offer a fine trickle of hope, others, not so much.


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