Another Convert To “The Flesh Sutra”

20 06 2014

On Amazon, Steve Wilson said, ”
The Flesh Sutra carries the reader through very colorful places (not all of them pleasant) and introduces him to some intriguing characters. Although Burke’s style is a bit slow for my taste he creates powerful and arresting scenes that can ensnare his audience. Mixing horror and the erotic is a tricky business and requires finesse to balance the genres, and Burke walks that line carefully so as not to give the reader more shrieks of fear than gasps of pleasure.”
The funny thing is that I feel awkward writing sex. All of the sex is more implied than described. But if people enjoy it, then I’m glad to have done a service.
Have a look and download a sample:


Total 3200 words for the weekend. Here’s how many dead…

8 04 2012

Chapter One: a man grows himself from the brain tumor of his lover’s husband, and births from his skull.
Two: A magician is transformed into a worm feeding from his own mother’s corpse.
Three: A woman surrenders her mortal life eagerly to an eternal fantasy.
Four: A politician’s body shatters under the demands of looking like a leader to all people.

A new 1000 words on “Olivia and Alecsandri”

6 04 2012

My goal is 5000 words by Monday.
Currently approx. 11K words of 90K needed.