LOLsloths, And How I Got Through Writers’ Block

2 07 2013

So! Hi!
I did a really great impression of a surly guy having writers’ block, didn’t I?
Ha ha ha…hehhhh…
You know all those links I posted from other writers where they explained how they handled their problems?
Guess what links I DIDN’T visit?
(I beat the hell out of every other link, though, for hours and hours, which didn’t help. Except for cruising LOLsloth pics. LOLsloths help everything.)
So…I honored a social commitment and ended up talking it out with a friend. Just getting out of the “gotta keep pushing” mode took some pressure off (just like those links said it would) and talking it out helped (just like the links etc.) and changing my routine helped (just etc etc).
Not quite out of the woods, but I did write a bit yesterday on a Doctor Who pastiche which may turn into something else.
Now, provided I pay attention to my own suggestions, here are some other links:

An interesting concept for stories/sketches…

Have to try this promotion stuff out…

Literary characters interpreted by some good visual artists

Find Redundancies, and One Muscle Can Help You Focus

20 06 2013

Do you overuse words? These can help you find those redundancies. Paste in some text at


One flex of a muscle helps athletes stay “In The Zone” and not choke. Works For improvs and writers too? Try it and see.

Advice and Tools for Writers and Comedians Alike

17 06 2013

Are REAL Artists Just Born? Nah.

The Hidden Benefits Of Networking

(These two were via Jay Lake )

Joss Whedon’s Writing Tips Are Cinematic, Of Course

Have you had a look at HootSuite? It’s a dashboard that allows you to post to several social media at once, or schedule posts for when you can’t do it yourself. I use it and it’s handy!

And this is a line-editing macro you can insert into your MSWord. It hunts and highlights weak verbs. I had no idea how to program or use a macro and the instructions made it a breeze. I had it go through a finished story and found problems I had missed due to edit-fatigue.

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