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4 02 2016

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“Body Horror and Psycho-Sexual Transcendence”

12 12 2015


We were in our places, Olivia at the door and I in the wicker basket. The windows were concealed with heavy curtains to keep out the afternoon sun, but oil lamps pushed back the gloom. The lady who entered our study first was the old friend of Olivia’s family, who embraced Olivia, then introduced her guests. The other matron wore black; she was the hopeful patron. The men were young, one balding and mustached and the other dark and intense. They were surprised by her frank smile, by her firm handclasp, and smirked to each other.

The basket that hid me was a cubit square. Within it, I sat naked on a thin cotton mat, waiting for my cue.

After brief pleasantries, Olivia bade everyone sit at the mismatched slat chairs around our worn table. Slowly, not without drama, she turned the gas lamps down.

“Everyone take hands, please. This afternoon, we speak with the spirits. I need for everyone to speak these holy words of the Hindu. Om mani padme hum.”

Her resonance and theatrics gave the others confidence. The older ladies intoned with Episcopalian reserve. The men seemed strangely comfortable with the trappings, and joined in.

The chant rose in pitch.

This was my cue, as thespians say. I lay back and breathed deep, humid air inflating my months-old lungs. As I inhaled, I imagined the proper yantra symbol. I exhaled my own mantra to release my spirit from my misshapen flesh.

“Come to us, Alecsandri. Come to us, spirits.”

I continued my chant and let myself drift, imagining myself in warm black oil. As she implored, the study was swallowed by the warm oil. My spirit rose from the basket. My hands glowed, my fingers lithe.  My spirit body shone golden and tall, like before I had forced myself into Thomas Spalding’s brain and was reborn in the manikin shape.

The bodies of the attendants glowed with auras of life. Rainbows flared along the older women. The bald man’s was a healthy bronze. The young man’s was odd. The flares were violet and tight, like a gas burner pressed by a weight. Olivia’s lavender opened and extended across the room as she entered her trance, so that she could communicate with the spirit realm.

Unseen by the others, I drifted to Olivia and caressed her neck. Touching her spirit was like touching soothing wool on a winter day. Feeling me, her head eased back and magenta sparks streaked her neck after my fingertips.

She said, “My spirit guide is with us. Are you ready to help us, Guru?”

Her head fell forward and she affected a deeper, thicker-tongued man’s voice, an impersonation of me when I was human. “Olivia, I am always pleased to make new acquaintances. These are charming people.”

She sighed and rolled in her seat, as if buffeted by forces within. In her voice: “I sense a presence with you, Guru. Who is with you?”

I had been too distracted by Olivia to notice. A disembodied glow had appeared by one of the women. It was the size of a grown man, and boiled red. It pointed to the older woman.


“I love ‘The Flesh Sutra’!” – Nancy Holder, NYT Best Selling Horror Author

My debut novel was on the preliminary ballot for the 2015 Stoker Awards.

“In this excellent novel, the writing is crisp, the characters sharply drawn, the plot engrossing; as a result, this tightly written and propulsive narrative addresses postmodern angst about humanity and spirituality in the context of body horror and psychosexual transcendence with literary flair and at times deeply disturbing imagery.”

Order it below.

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Visit My New “To Purchase” Page

8 10 2015

Which includes small press anthologies and my novel “The Flesh Sutra”, which made the preliminary ballot for this year’s Stoker Awards.

Ever Ask Yourself “Why Am I In THIS Skin?”

22 04 2015

We are four-dimensional bubbles filled with blood and illusions. Sealed at one end by our birth and at the other with the darkness we will never see until too late. Walled by a too-permeable membrane against a violent and cunning world.

That breath you just took could be your last. Or that breath. Or that one.

Why confront YOUR mortality?

Read about a doomed couple of awe-inspiring mystics as they confront THEIR mortality.

Your doom is waiting.

Put it off by reading THE FLESH SUTRA. Read it today.


Why Just Be “YOU”? Read One Of The Thirteen Best Horror Novels of 2014

12 04 2015

Horror is the last bastion of pure, untrammeled Freudian Id in genre. The horror buff demands Sensation! Usually with a slam of brawny fist on the dinner table, a slam making the wine glass shake and trickle from its brim of A Horrid, Mind-Breaking Tonic.

Horror buffs breathe while the mundane yearn.

Are you Mundane? Become Buff!

Here is your tonic. Take it!


“In THE FLESH SUTRA Tim W. Burke has charted a diabolical, metaphysical odyssey for his main characters, a journey that will take you through Death itself… and back out the other side.”
— Shawn Garrett, Pseudopod



The HWA Declared My Novel One Of The Ten Best* of 2014

1 04 2015

Every Autumn, the Horror Writers of America solicit works published that calender year. The novels are read by a jury of professional horror authors. The jury culls the enormous stack of books and selects ten to be the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Award.
“The Flesh Sutra” was on that ballot.
That novel is one of the ten best horror novels published in 2014.

*Ok, let’s not quibble that Stephen King, Joe Hill, and Dean Koontz did not submit their books for consideration. Because you don’t want to be a “quibbler” about three books. Quibbling…man, that’s a one-way road to Quibbletown. And Quibbletown’s smiling motto is “We’re The Gateway To OBLIVION”.
Body horror and spiritual examination in the tradition of Clive Barker.

The editor of “Space and Time” declared  “Combining horror, spirituality, dark humor and romance, it weaves a spell around the reader from the first page and won’t release you until the last.” She joins the ranks of professionals bestowing glowing reviews.

Stop quibbling. Join those professionals who are SOMEWHERE. Read “The Flesh Sutra” today.


From, the horror publication with the most subscribers in the world

21 02 2015



“Tim Burke is one of the best authors we’ve ever featured. His stories of Victorian mediumship and horror have been collected and expanded into the excellent The Flesh Sutra. In fact it’s so excellent that it’s been longlisted for a Stoker Award this year. So, pop along to the The HWA website and take a look at the ballot. There’s some great stuff on there and the finalists will be announced on the 23rd. So, if you’re a member, go vote and go vote for Tim, his stuff’s great. Also if you don’t own the The Flesh Sutra, pick it up, it’s brilliant”

More Reviews Of “The Flesh Sutra” YOUR BLOOD NEEDS THIS

13 02 2015

“A genuinely surprising story; fresh Flesh, indeed! Burke’s dark, complex take on a “love” story kept me turning the pages and wondering where he’d go next. I’m a fan of tales that ignore the bookstore boundaries and just get on with a great story, and this book does that in spades…and with spades, at one point. :)”

Another Great Review For “The Flesh Sutra”

8 02 2015

The Flesh Sutra is unique and utterly absorbing. Combining horror, spirituality, dark humor and romance, it weaves a spell around the reader from the first page and won’t release you until the last. Even then, this tale of corrupt, mystical love will linger in your memory. Can’t wait to read more from this author!”

“The Flesh Sutra” is ON PRELIM BALLOT for the Stoker Awards

21 01 2015


Originally, I thought “short list” and “ballot” were two different things. Headline was a bit over enthusiastic.

It’s still an honor to have impressed the judges. That alone makes the effort worthwhile.

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