Writing Groups! What To look For!

24 02 2022

Breadth of experience. My main group of 20 + years Noble Fusion Eastern Court has Dr. Lawrence Schoen, Nebula nominee and a PhD in Psychology; Barbara E. Hill, a novelist and pharma marketing professional; Buck Dorrance, a retired Navy submariner and nurse anesthetist; Sally Weiner Grotta, who is a global journalist, photographer, and freelance reviewer; and Cathy Petrini, former ghost writer for Sweet Valley High and professional magazine editor.

They cover a range of expertise useful for horror writers from health care procedures to religion to travel.

I have a second group, a less ambitious, more sociable group. My more sociable group has librarians, a degreed physicist, editors, and generally huge fans of fantasy and science fiction.

Very few of these good people are horror fans. So I belong to Online Writers Workshop, which require an annual fee. Check out their website. The rates are reasonable and I was able to read Nicole Cushing and others before they made it big. And it’s nice to be praised by Leah Bobet or Jeanne Cavalos of Odyssey Writers Retreat.

As mentioned in previous posts, always find people who know more than you. Find people more accomplished than you. They inspire and encourage.

This post is brought to you by Main Root Blueberry Soda! I discovered it at a restaurant and man it is filled with blueberry goodness. I found it at a local co-op, but its available online or in some big box stores.

Acclaim is like carving an ice sculpture on a hot summer day. Is it possible to cherish that effort?

Remember to exercise and take your vitamins.



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