30 06 2017

I was knocked for a loop two weeks ago when my writers group met. They told me my novel still wasn’t working, this after 80k words on an 50k work. 

I’m still processing what I should do next. I had day job related stuff for a week, then I had vacation time to burn off. Here I am.

I had a FIVE year plan back in 2011. Overall, I deserve a B- on my results. I did not plan well enough on self-publishing, but I did get that blurb and good reviews, so I’m fairly content.

Now What?

My next plan will have three series, three books each, with maybe two other pen names. One series will be a Nerd Noir with people I know from life and work getting involved with crime capers.  A second series will be a dump for my AD&D RPG ideas, maybe. The third would be doing the TAB horror stuff. 

Plot and series outlines next. 



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1 07 2017


Thanks for keeping it real. There are plenty of writing blogs out there that are all sunshine, glitter ponies and lollipops.

It seems that prose just doesn’t just happen–unless you’re Shakespeare and then it’s more like poetry….[END HACKNEYED METAPHOR HERE]…Anyway…. It’s good to know that other writers out there are putting in the HARD work, sweating, making it happen, and slogging through, despite all obstacles.

Keep it up, Man.


1 07 2017

Thanks Darius, I don’t want to discourage, but I know it would be worse to bs.

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