Writers: Is Your Thief Enough Of A Rogue?

5 02 2017

PARIS — He is an accomplished acrobatic burglar, one referred to as “Spiderman.” But all Vjeran Tomic needed to break into this city’s Museum of Modern Art in spring 2010 and pull off a near-perfect heist were a few tools, a couple of plungers, pliers and a lucky star. Before dawn that day, he had…

via Who is the ‘Spider-man’ of Paris? An acrobat burglar who stole $112M in paintings from a museum — National Post – Top Stories

How to be a Horror Writer by Robert E. Dunn

1 02 2017

The blog has been a little quiet lately. I’ve been doing a lot of writing for others and having some health issues with family members that have taken up and continue to take up huge portions…

Source: How to be a Horror Writer by Robert E. Dunn

Writers: Surviving A Nuclear Blast

1 02 2017


How far away do you have to be to survive a nuclear blast?

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