Wrong Thoughts During Your First Draft

30 01 2017

You’re working on your first draft and your writing is coming in the usual fits and starts. Here are some thoughts you may have while writing and why they will get in the way.

“Just came up with a great idea! I have to retcon to make it work, so I have to go back and fix that.”

Noooooooo. Stay on target, Gold Leader Star-Wars-Reference. Your goal is to complete your first draft. Revision is two steps down the line.

“I know this part is vague, but no one will notice.”

Don’t worry about this, but yes they will notice. As the writer, if you notice a problem, you are guaranteed the reader will notice the problem. But don’t sweat that, you’ll fix after you finished the first draft.

“What does the inside of the house look like? I need a detailed floorplan before I continue.”

Do not do research while doing your first draft. Repair your staging and timing issues after the first draft is complete.

“I just got great critiques for my first few chapters! I better go back and revise –”

NOOOOOOO. Save your critiques in a folder and keep going.

“The protagonist is there to see things happen. The events will be enough to distract from his inactivity.”

Yeah, wait until you’re done with the draft. Then maybe think another character may actually be your protagonist. Or hand some agency to your protagonist. In your revision after you’ve finished your first draft.

“You know, this would make an interesting blog post.”

Back to writing my first draft.





3 responses

30 01 2017

True…True…True!!! All great points! Hope it’s going well, Tim!

30 01 2017

It is going well! My writers’ group caught the stuff I was fudging on, told me I needed to add detail to stuff I knew was vague, and said the horror was horroring. Very encouraging for the novel and for my instincts.

31 01 2017

Stay on target…Stay on target…Stay on t–

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