Write Your Novel Fast. This Book Will Help.

19 01 2017

I am not receiving any payment for this promotion. This book honestly does have great advice on how to increase your wordcount up to the thousands per day.

I like this book for three reasons:

Practical!  Rachael Aaron is a best-selling author giving advice that is easy to implement. Some advice came as a relief to me because it made writing more fun. She writes well and has been committed to writing, which adds to my accepting her advice.

Direct! A LOT of writing books pad the books with repetition, asides, self-aggrandizing stories, and lists. HAAAAAAAATE! Then those authors have the nerve to be nobodies like me thinking they have useful advice! GALLING! Rachael has a direct, engaging voice like a nerdy good friend who doesn’t want to waste time.

Realistic! Though her own claims seem to stretch credibility, Rachael describes her own high numbers as an outlier. She encourages you to accept your own pace and capabilities. She emphasizes that the more you like the writing experience, the more rewarding it is no matter how many words are produced. Ain’t that nice?






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