Writers: Have You Used Scrivener?

12 01 2017

Scrivener is a program designed to help writers organize and draft their projects. It works for screenplays and prose, fiction or non-fiction. At first I had turned my nose up at it. Drafting in Word and Excel worked just fine for me. What I discovered with my current novel is that Scrivener is like having Word documents accessible through an Excel spreadsheet. The program organizes it in several user-friendly methods like a spreadsheet, a flowchart, or a corkboard. The templates prompt for descriptions of characters, culture, and locations. For me, it’s good that it automatically backs up my work every few minutes. It costs a little but I have to admit I’ve saved some aggravation moving scenes around from one chapter to another and by not having to open additional files for backstory.

I’ll keep you posted about Scrivener. So far, it’s been worth the money.



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