TNT Network Horror Contests and Some Ideas For Stories

16 11 2016

The contest: Ten Finalists get $1000. Winner gets $20K and presumably has their story presented on their reboot of “Tales From The Crypt”.

The ideas:

Raymond Cass was one of the first people to take a tape recorder into haunted houses to record spirit voices. This presentation has some meh examples of Electronic Voice Phenomenon, but can get you in the mood.

Sheer Terror has one of their lists of stories that are supposed to have happened in Real Life, but you can tell a bunch were just made up, but a few ones have potential.

HOWEVER, every Halloween the readers of send in Real Life stories, and the finalists have a higher ratio of believably creepy ideas. Jezebel has been doing this for years and past years’ contributions are also really good.




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29 08 2017

TNT Network Horror Contests and Some Ideas For Stories | timwburke

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