Writing Advice: Noir and Locations

14 09 2016

This article about writing Noir is quite good! The novel I’m sending out right now to agents and publishers owes quite a lot to Noir, in that the protagonist is a down-and-out petty criminal grasping at a purpose in life. Of course, he’s being pursued by the physics of nature becoming sentient, but that’s another matter.

The plot sets him up for the final failure implied in classic Noir, but he earns one painfully burned hand on the ladder to redemption.

Touch the mook from Bernet’s “Torpedo” to learn more…10386749_485977168203033_9083383255132610930_n

and when better to discuss the importance of location than when considering Noir?

Noir demands moonless nights, jukejoints stinking of menthol, dirty summer streets sweating asphalt. This quirky nerd lady Rachel Aaron can tell you about emotional real estate and that it is all about location, location, location. Touch the classic Noir location of Mos Eisley Cantina for more.




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