Writers, You Must Listen To This Podcast

10 08 2015

I get bored or annoyed with podcasts.
I do not listen to some big names simply because the language of the stories out paces the plot or ideas.
Others are too conversational or have too many hosts (“Writing Excuses”).
Some trivia or idea podcasts come across as smug or padded (hi there “You Are Not So Smart”), but I stick with them because the subject interests me.
But there’s The Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing Podcast.
Wow, is this good info.
The four hosts are all self-published authors of note. They share up-to-date insights and advice on the marketing and publishing worlds. How can you game BookBub? Is Facebook Ads worth the effort? Kindle Direct? Should you publish yourself or go with an existing platform?
Recent guests include prolific and high-selling authors Annie Bellet, horror writer Chris Fox, Robert Crane and many more.
I am eating these podcasts. I suggest you do the same.




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