“Read, and prepare for beautiful nightmares.” – Alasdair Stuart, Pseudopod.org

22 04 2014

“In THE FLESH SUTRA Tim W. Burke has charted a diabolical, metaphysical odyssey for his main characters, a journey that will take you through Death itself… and back out the other side.”
— Shawn Garrett, Pseudopod

“In Tim W. Burke’s chilling book THE FLESH SUTRA, the reader is taken on a fantastic journey of not only existential terror, but also self-discovery. In this excellent novel, the writing is crisp, the characters sharply drawn, the plot engrossing; as a result, this tightly written and propulsive narrative addresses postmodern angst about humanity and spirituality in the context of body horror and psychosexual transcendence with literary flair and at times deeply disturbing imagery. This is a must-read volume if one truly appreciates not only the craft of writing, but good storytelling and thoughtful takes on what it means to be human, to be alive, to love, and to hate. I highly recommend this excellent work– Burke is an author to watch.”
— Jason V Brock





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23 04 2014
“Read, and prepare for beautiful nightmares.” – Alasdair Stuart, Pseud… | JaSunni Productions, LLC

[…] “Read, and prepare for beautiful nightmares.” – Alasdair Stuart, Pseud… […]

23 04 2014
Alan Breakstone

Magnificent reviews! Awed to know you.

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