The Egon Lesson

25 02 2014

It’s hard to avoid being a curmudgeon when a part of my childhood culture passes on. “What do we have now?” grumps the curmudgeon. “Slice-of-life Judd Apatow bromances. Self-reflexive parodies with inside jokes like ‘Harold and Kumar’ or ‘Scary Movie’. Bobbly camera mocking of flyover America. Who violate time and space now without winking at the camera? Where are the Staypuff Marshamallowmen of yesteryear?”

The Man of Words

Harold Ramis died yesterday. One of the greatest comedians of the modern era, Ramis was a renaissance clown who wrote, directed, and acted. His movies are uniformly worth your time but, if somehow you’ve never seen Groundhog Day, do yourself an enormous favor and start there. It’s a glorious movie with a pitch perfect central performance that, years later, directly influenced one of the best Supernatural episodes ever. Plus you’ll never listen to ‘I Got You Babe’ the same way again.

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