I Am Thankful For…

26 11 2013

…my family. My brother and sister-in-law have a blended family. I am learning how to connect with them, their kids, their grandkids. Sure, it’s been fifteen years of learning, but I’m a bit slow.

…chocolate and barbeque. Could someone make a barbeque beef wellington with chocolate babka?

…working with folks in their 20s. I am one of the oldest people working in Big Box Store in Newark. Working with the youngers is a lovely reality check, and I don’t have to worry that the world is turning into a bunch of Miley Cyruses who play “The Knockout Game.”

…my friends. You are the oddest, smartest, most eclectic, best-dressed people and I admire you all.

…being in my 50s. Now that I have some control over the level of testosterone in my body, life makes sense.

…air conditioning. Because it is air conditioning.

…sharing a house. Renting a room and living with two people keeps my sense of proportion.

…my parents. They were very sweet people and I wish you could have met them. In a way, through me, you have.

…the challenges of art. The Japanese word “do” has it right: a focused study does improve you as a person. Finding people who enjoy things I create is fulfilling.

…The Cramps. I did not start getting in touch with myself until about 1989, when I found Lux Interior and Poison Ivy.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4yZLR-gKNA



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