The Poisonous Bile of Nostalgia and How You Never Really Loved Anything

21 10 2013


Daryl Ayo is one of my favorite comic thinkers on the whole freaking internet.  He is constantly challenging and questioning everything.  I sometimes treasure my disagreements with him even more than my agreements.  Anyways.  He asked this question on twitter and facebook today:

Serious question: what are the independent/alternative comics that people are meant to read when folks say “don’t read Marvel/DC, they are bad, read *indies* instead”

My response:

There’s very few actual replacements for what DC/Marvel make because what they make has to do with 50+ years of pop culture nostalgia spanning generations of iconography. When you read an x-men book today, you’re not reading it because of what is in the actual book–you’re reading it because it’s the X-men and the feeling it gives you reminds you of positive memories you have of the very best of the x-men stories.
But what I would argue is that…

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