Hereforth, writers should no longer use…

25 09 2013

…the word “Susurrus.” I have just listened to two podcasts in a row where this word appeared, describing the sound of a sandstorm and the movement of an ocean-sized group of nanites. It is onomatopoeic, sure, but also a sign of journeyman work.

…a movie with “Zombies”: I have just read Arnold Schwarzenegger will be in a “Walking Dead” -esque zombie movie co-starring Abagail Breslin. I had thought that movie was already made and called “Expendables 3” co-starring Sly Stallone.

…any genre descriptor except “Bizarro” or “Weird.” Thanks to vagueness and overuse, Bizarro now encompasses Farce, Lampoon, Surreal, and Bawdy. Weird has surpassed “fiction exploring humanity’s insignificance”, and now includes “any fiction using subjects invented purely by the writer which makes the reader feel icky, including economic forecasts.”



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