The Best Way To Write and Carnivorous Robots

19 09 2013

Here is an episode of Odyssey Workshop’s podcast. The guest is Jack Ketchum, who is the best horror writer alive. When I read Stephen King, I get the sense that everything he writes is some degree of pulp or camp fiction, like a slight detachment from his action and maybe a little fascination with the neat-o central idea. Joe R. Lansdale makes no bones about his camp and pulp, and rightly revels in them. But Jack Ketchum writes in a way that makes you feel his revulsion with the terrible things happening in his story. Anyway, here’s how he does it:

Remember my carnivorous robots? They are fueled by digesting meat, and they can ooze through crevices?

Now they’re cute and programmable, and ready for the home!

And some can move like snakes!




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