Ten Movies You Need To See…: #8 “A Serbian Film”

18 08 2013

This is a horrid movie. It is also an important, unique satire of what one character calls “the world’s armpit”: Serbia. You can feel this movie’s director rage as he has good people trapped by a brutal society.
A retired porn actor is hired for one last movie by a nihilist bureaucrat who wants to comment on the human condition.
This is the most despairing movie I’ve seen since “Requiem For a Dream.”
I suggest seeing it, or trying to, to think about what discomfort can accomplish. “The Killing Fields” covered the disintegration of a culture. But I felt far more visceral reactions to this movie’s Serbia as it clings to the trappings of consumer suburbia.
Speaking for myself, I’ve become accustomed to Hollywood’s portrayals of genocides happening in Asia and Africa, and the white guys coming to the rescue. Here, all are equally f**ked, which makes this horror far more realistic.

Ten Movies You Need To See… #9: “Kill List”

18 08 2013

Two affable army buddies in England get together to drink some beers, have good times, then go out and do a bit of work. The blokes are hitmen. Their families know it, and the income is pretty good. Until a client gives them a list of names. When the buddies go kill these people, it turns out those listed are a) loathsome, b) thankful to be killed, and c) already aware of the buddies’ identities. Suspenseful, but the ending has a typically British scare that may fall flat for Yankees.

Ten Movies You Need To See…: #10 “The Loved Ones”

18 08 2013

High school teen guy is kidnapped by quiet girl from school and her crazed dad, so that she can have a proper date to their own private prom. Comical? Could have been, but it ain’t.
This Australian film mixes squirm-inducing menace mixed with strong, rich characters. The small cast and limited locations make it feel claustrophobic, and the events seem plausible.
Beyond the ughhh parts, this movie is a great examination of families devastated by violent crime.

Review of “Death Is Only Skin Deep”

16 08 2013

“…the stories are perfectly enjoyable, Little Zombie Lulu is particularly shuddersome…”


In Promotional News, Here Is Our First Link…

12 08 2013

I’ll keep you posted as to which means of promotions seems effective for us.


53 Women Who Write Science Fiction

12 08 2013

List courtesy of A.C. Wise: If you love comics or spec fic, this list is for you.

Dumb Stuff We Will Do In The Future

10 08 2013

As the average population ages, consumerism is going to promote the young getting in on with the old. Madonna will do a nude artbook when she’s 75. And this will be a thing:

Home Artisanal Produce: “My Dad was into homebrewing, so it was natural I’d make Guinness flavored tomatoes. My wife wanted the kids to eat more vegetables, so she tweaked some lettuce for citric acid to make orange-flavor. Those peppers are from the neighbors’ splices of jalapino and corpse plant. How’s your salad?”

Need surgery and have no money? Kickstarter your medical treatment!
Why is this dumb? Because traditional Americans would rather try for the fame a popular Kickstarter would bring, rather than force the wealthy to kick in for better healthcare.

Uplifted mice. Will need uplifted cats. Your home will become a “Tom and Jerry” Cartoon. One of the old MGM ones with the frying pans and dynamite.

Carnivorous Deathbots and Cells From Hell

2 08 2013

Do you remember carnivorous robots? They’ll be able to ooze through crevices soon.

The cell from Hell and how a hurricane will help make North Carolina a flesh-eating Hellscape.

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