If inclined, you can purchase my novel a

8 05 2013

If inclined, you can purchase my novel and short story collection as eBooks. Covers by Rachael Mayo & Karl Krumpholz. http://ow.ly/kPR7Q

Fifty years ago today, I emerged from an

8 05 2013

Fifty years ago today, I emerged from an orifice slimed with amniotic fluid! Celebrate my spawning!

Hmmmm… The Hawaiʻian creation myth rel

7 05 2013

Hmmmm… The Hawaiʻian creation myth relates that the present cosmos is only the last of a series, having arisen in stages from the wreck of the previous universe. In this account, the octopus is the lone survivor of the previous, alien universe. http://ow.ly/kNjcg

Major publishers giving credibility to a

5 05 2013

Major publishers giving credibility to author scams… http://ow.ly/kIReU

My story “The Goblin and the Pelican”

2 05 2013

My story “The Goblin and the Pelican” is now published in “LORE” Magazine. http://ow.ly/kEyQT

“Annie Hall” has the same plot as “Frankenstein”! Youth Is A Brain Poke Away!

2 05 2013

“Annie Hall” has the same plot as “Frankenstein”!

Hypothalmus Is Shangri-La



Links With Neat Ideas!

1 05 2013

You can find a neat idea any ol’ place:
Google Glass is hackable. Anyone can become their own unwitting spy. http://www.zdnet.com/google-glass-let-the-evil-commence-7000014733/
The carnivorous, land-walking Snakehead fish has made it to Central Park. http://gawker.com/monsterfish-terror-lives-on-land-for-days-eats-fear-s-486140939?fb_action_ids=642027875811231&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

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