Last weekend was PhilCon and I was on pa

18 11 2012

Last weekend was PhilCon and I was on panels giving advice to new writers, and discussing what defined a cult movie. Advice for new writers? If you aren’t already, use to keep track of markets and editorial activity. You can tell whether your story is being held for review or the editors or just being a little slow. has listings that duotrope will sometimes miss, especially for anthologies. Agentfinder is a site which helped me find the agents who I am currently stalking and will submit to when my novel is done. I’ve mentioned Fortean Times magazine for strange-but-true stuff to cram into your head. What movies ought to be cult classics but aren’t? Either of the Dr. Phibes movies deserves more love, but granted, are thin in the characters. The Japanese movie “Hausa” is just dang weird and deserves lots of cosplay. “Liquid Sky” deserves a revival of some sort. My own favorite “Big Trouble In Little China” of course is loved by everyone from cosplayers to quipsters (ddi I just write “quipsters”? Yes. Yes, I did).



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19 11 2012
Alan Breakstone

I really enjoyed “Big Trouble in Little China” and the second Dr. Phibes movie.

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