Sat., November 10 10:00 AM AUTOGRAPH SES

8 11 2012

Sat., November 10
10:00 AM AUTOGRAPH SESSION at Autograph Table

2:00 PM in Plaza V WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR IDEAS? [Panelists: Oz Drummond (mod), Ty Drago, Tim W. Burke, Michael Swanwick, Mike McPhail] There’s an old joke that ideas come from mail boxes in Schenectady. But seriously, where do they come from, and how can we tell the good ones from the bad.

3:00 PM in Plaza III RESOURCES FOR NEW WRITERS [Panelists: Victoria Janssen (mod), Keith R.A. DeCandido, A.C. Wise, Tim W. Burke, Meg Howard, Bill Olver] What books, websites and other research materials are essential for the new and prospective writer?

8:00 PM in Plaza II CULT CLASSICS WITHOUT THE CULT [Panelists: Tony Finan (mod), Tim W. Burke, Jeff Mach, Eve Okupniak] Everyone knows about movies like “Rocky Horror” and “Repo: The Genetic Opera”, that have large cult followings. But what about movies with followings that, while truly die-hard, never achieved the same level of cult-film status.

Sun., November 11
10:00 AM in Plaza V IS HORROR INHERENTLY CONSERVATIVE? [Panelists: Dina Leacock (mod), Tim W. Burke, James Chambers, Gregory Frost] In horror, whenever strange things happen, the solution is usually to return to the status quo. What would happen if the story instead embraced the strangeness?

12:00 PM in Plaza IV MAKING YOUR OWN SF SHORT FILM [Panelists: Eve Okupniak (mod), Tim W. Burke, Raven Stormbringer, Christopher Stout, Hugh Casey, Ryan Leonard] With the advent of digital cameras, less-expensive editing software, and online distribution, more people have taken to creating short films. We’ll talk about some things you should know to get started, and where you may want to go when you’re finished.

1:00 PM in Plaza V 50 SHADES OF GREYSCALE – THE GREAT BLACK & WHITE SF FILMS [Panelists: Tony Finan (mod), Ray Ridenour, Steve Vertlieb, Tim W. Burke, Hugh Casey, Mark Leeper] The first movie ever to tell a story was a 13-minute version of “Frankenstein” filmed by Thomas Edison in 1910. Since then, through “Metropolis” up into the 1950’s “B” movies, some of the greatest works of SF, fantasy, and horror film were made without color. We look back at some of the best.



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