16 10 2015

Looking at Doctor Who. He is sci-fi fey with a magic wand and timeless castle. He’s even tweedy and Brit and safely thrilling while still asexual.

Doctor Who could be quite a villain. Not in the Master or Mistress sort of way, but in a time-traveling Goblin King from “Labyrinth” way. Hypersmart, transformative, thrilling, human-enough intelligence but still inhuman in outlook. Goblins or fey related to octopi?

Eventually, everything goes through the octopi filter.

He’s forever alone. Why? Why not be like Q from “Star Trek”, traipsing from planet-to-planet reshaping civilizations? DW does do that, of course, but it’s catch-and-release usually. Help out then scram. What if the charming bastard stuck around and provided firewall technologies to worlds, which would stop Daleks and Cybermen without his help?

Maybe he has already. How would we, on Earth, know?

Lovecraft stories went here, to interplanetary conspiracies hidden behind the demimonde, regulating the churning primal powers.

All manipulators know it is best to keep the true story in the background. Let the natives think they have the power.

Nothing is new here.

Is today’s stretch of the binary sexual paradigm part of this primal power resurging?

Have you read “Toast” by Charles Stross? In it there is a short story positing that an AI would assimilate all matter in the universe in a quest toward self-awareness.

What’s more charming, primal, thrilling, yet-asexual than an universe-sized AI?

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8 10 2015

Which includes small press anthologies and my novel “The Flesh Sutra”, which made the preliminary ballot for this year’s Stoker Awards.

Just in time for Halloween

2 10 2015

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Handy Reference Tool: The Root Of Horror Is Here…

30 09 2015

If people could perceive their situation without bias or prejudice, there would be very little drama. There would also be no horror.

“By gosh Sheriff Brody, all evidence points at an enormous shark! The short term financial benefit is outweighed by the risk of life and Amity’s reputation. As mayor, I close the beaches!”

“Say little brother, have we even seen a picture of our grandparents? Aren’t we making assumptions going along with these weird old coots?”

“Living on the sidewalk is probably better than staying in a brownstone that may be the gate to Hell. Just thinkin’ out loud.”

I did not make and take no credit for this chart. I found it on Mental Floss. Have a listen to their podcast “You Are Not So Smart.”



Handy Reference Tools: Emotion Wheel and Emotion Chart

27 09 2015

It is true that it is better to show than to tell. However, if your characters are all “in a tizzy” over the approaching dragon, then a good thesaurus or reference tool can help distinguish “Battle Frenzy” from “Hysteria”. Then an author could correlate and describe based on experience or other reference tools, thereby separating “the blood-limned grimace” from “the slack-faced wailing.”



Hero’s Journey and The Plot To Romance Stories…Now In Handy Charts!

24 09 2015

I do not own or take credit for these handy reference tools. I was a sap and did not note from where I had downloaded them. But these are quite useful for those who wish to do the Epic Fantasy or to do the Romance Plot in their books. Myself, I am going back to the first novel I wrote (tried to self-publish before Smashwords or Amazon Publishing was available; expensive and frustrating. Then I tried to outsmart the market by using a distinctive cover that was black-and-white with a complex pen-and-ink portrait. This is how I learned I CANNOT OUTSMART THINGS.).

Hero's Journey

Romance Plot




This Is BOSS! Short movie: “Anthophobia”

16 09 2015


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